Diji Shujahi


With a vast experience in public relation, marketing, media, public speaking and hosting. Diji Shujahi has been in the media scene for the past 18 years.

Brought up in Abu Dhabi – UAE, with an exposure to a multi-cultural and colorful life. Diji had the fortune to grow up in a talented family. Since early age, Diji fell in love with the stage, standing on stage gave her a feeling that still to this date trump any other experience. This love grew into a professional job that landed her multinational Emceeing and hosting jobs including TV shows, Festivals, Cultural and government events.


Women of Arabia is a long format interview platform where the best women entrepreneurs and women from different walks of life across the region are showcased. These women have created a life of their dreams and carved a niche for themselves with their sheer determination, passion, persistence, and hard work. Women of Arabia brings you their life story hoping that you will be inspired and empowered to live a life of your dreams.